A game for iOS

The Sun is under attack!

In the skies above Lake Titicaca, against the backdrop of the Andes mountains, a battle is underway. Rogue planets - cloaked in glyphs from old South American mythology - are converging on the Sun, trying to drag it toward the horizon. Repel them by firing coronal flares, and try to keep the Sun up as long as possible. Periodically, the Moon crosses the sky. If you can maneuver the Sun high enough to cause an eclipse, you have a chance to banish a planet permanently. If the Sun sets, the game is over!



Each planet is represented by a glyph. When hit, a planet retreats and cycles to the next glyph. Hitting a target glyph will cause the Sun to rise, the height depending on how many glyphs currently match the target. Planets with the target glyph then change to a new random glyph.

Now and then one of the planets will start flashing. This is now a wild glyph. If a flare hits it, even if it is a target, all matching planets will change to the same random glyph. However, this time the Sun does not rise!

The phase of the Moon is shown next to the score. It indicates the progress of the Moon as it crosses the sky. If the Sun is positioned precisely in front of the Moon, an eclipse occurs!

During an eclipse, the planets become unstable. In those few moments of totality it's possible to banish a planet - permanently!




Code & graphics by AA

Music & SFX by Aimeric Dufrac

Thanks to JPD

Based on the original Amiga game The Sun by Matt West, aiXS Software 1997